Mack Entertainment – Standard Terms of Business*

1. Background

These Terms of Business (‘ToB’) set out the standard terms upon which the Client agrees to engage the entertainment services of artists (the ‘Artist’s performance’) for a minimum one-hour booking to be arranged by Mack Entertainment** acting as agent for the artist. Mack Entertainment is authorised by its signed artists to act as their agent in arranging work with the Client.

2. Payment

2.1 In return for the Artist’s performance, the Client agrees to pay directly to Mack Entertainment only (and not the artist or any other person) the full amount invoiced, which will consist of the facilitation/booking fee (which is the consideration payable by the Client to Mack Entertainment and may be subject to VAT) and the Artist’s performance fee, which Mack Entertainment is authorised to collect from the Client on the Artist’s behalf (which will only be subject to VAT if the artist is registered for VAT).

2.2 Where any VAT applies, this will be shown separately on the invoice to the Client and will apply only to the facilitation/booking fee and not to the performance fee unless the Artist is also VAT registered.

3. Insurance

Mack Entertainment confirms that it holds and maintains relevant, effective and necessary insurance as is reasonably required on the Artist’s behalf.

4. Cancellations

4.1 Mack Entertainment charges a £25 non refundable booking fee on every booking taken.

4.2 Mack Entertainment cannot guarantee the Artist that has been booked is the Artist that will perform. Where an artist is unable to perform due to illness or injury, Mack Entertainment will notify the Client at the earliest opportunity and supply a suitable replacement.

4.3 Where the Client wishes to cancel a confirmed booking within three days cancellation charges will apply unless the booking is rescheduled to take place in the same calendar month.

4.4 Where the Client does not reschedule a booking within the same calendar month a cancellation charge will apply as follows:

(a) 100% of the agreed Booking Fee where the length of notice is up to and including 1 day;

(b) 80% of the agreed Booking Fee where the Client gives up to and including 3 days’ notice;

5. Important Notice

5.1 The Client is notified that Mack Entertainment signed artists are not permitted to communicate any personal or professional details directly to the Client or its associates whilst under agreement with Mack Entertainment and for up to 6 complete months from the end date of the artist’s agreement with Mack Entertainment.

5.2 Mack Entertainment signed artists are obliged to refuse any offers received directly from the Client during the same periods.

6. Unforeseen Circumstances

In the event that a booked engagement cannot be fulfilled for any reason beyond the reasonable control of the Client or Mack Entertainment, including (without limitation) such events as war, terrorism, industrial action, floods or Acts of God, then neither Mack Entertainment nor the Client will be at fault.

7. Status

Nothing here is intended to create an employment or partnership relationship between Mack Entertainment and the Client.

8. Third Party Rights

These TOB are not intended to create any rights on any person or body other than Mack Entertainment and the Client.

9. Governing Law

These TOB are to be interpreted in accordance with the Laws of England.

*Mack Entertainment reserves the sole and exclusive right to vary these standard terms of business at any time.